Sunday, April 24, 2011

Max Lucado~Max on Life

              Max On Life
This book was provided for review by  Booksneeze
Max Lucado~  Max on Life
 WOW! Guiding spiritual comfort! 5 Stars. Lovely book, writing style is fun to read, spiritual theme always woven thru each story, this is a book you won't want to pass along you find yourself keeping!  Over his career as Pastor and Author Max has received many letters, some have been in earlier books-here he selected 172 letters, asking him questions. They range from:  a ~7 yr old who is being punished for pulling a fire alarm, asking Max how to "make it right" to:  Someone who is "embarrassed about having trouble because they can't seem to pray for more than a few minutes before being distracted" asking Max "what does this mean? What is wrong?"  Here Is where Max Lucado stands out- He responds in a way that not only answers the question, But does so by telling an enchanting story that includes Scripture Verses to support it. The simplicity and ease of Lucados' writing style allows us see ourselves in many of the pages, by end of the letter you feel it relevant to your life, showing you that you can apply this story~this life experience~to your self easily. They are all quick pages 1-1/2, so it is easy to read a letter and let it simmer with you. Put the book down, come back later. I like the down to earth, relate able style.You will feel like you are having a conversation with a close friend, that's his writing style, Not preachy, not talking down to you, not fire and brimstone, comfortable. He treats you-the reader as a person not a page or piece of paper. Highly recommend.
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You can see in the photos above how many notes I have taken-post its-journal-note paper
There was just so much that I looked up in the bible and that Max Lucado said that were really profound~ in a day to day simple way that I felt~ WOW~  I NEED to record this so that I can share this with my husband, my best friend, my young son, my adult daughter....and so on and so on... suddenly I am thinking of all of these people that
it is really vitally important that I feel I need to share this with.  I feel it is finally a conversation on a level we can all have AND talk about AND understand and stay on in the conversation without losing brain cells~because they go old King James or something and lose us totally~Max is just common talk with  scripture  mixed with eternal life talk. I took notes and will re-read, to be sure I have it right, and share.


  1. I have read a Lucado,but a like prayer book. This is really big. You say that it is not so bad because it is broken into letters? so you realy just read a letter at a time? and he is is easy to understand? really? because you make it sound really important, but it REALLY has to be as easy to read as you say? because some just are so hard to understand.

  2. I have read deep intellectual books that really require alot of focus and undivided attention and even then can be really hard to grasp depending on how it is written and the topic.
    So I believe I see what you are asking. I would feel very comfortable in soul telling the younger people that I feel they can easily read and grasp and ENJOY this read to the older. It is well worth the expense for your library. It would be a fun after discussion with friends,a companion, children, that is where I think you will see it will end up really exploding in your life as you `see' the joy in conversation and sharing of Gods word so easily-because Lucado makes it so SIMPLE.

  3. I got this book after you review. Feel in love with him, he is so likable and easy to read. thanks alot for a simple personable review.

  4. I enjoyed the photo of the way you take notes, had to show that to a friend,(I get it)but your funny to show it all like that. Your so Real. Interesting the way your make a book or journal out of parts you like or feel you want to talk about further. Stealing this idea!