Wednesday, August 31, 2011

90 days of gods goodness

I found this to be about suffering, alot of suffering and darkness.   I was not aware of this, I was looking forward to sitting down with a devotional. 90 days of God's Goodness. Meaning, I thought a devotional was meant to uplift me?  Having never read this author before.. I had no expectations but, 30 pages in, after reading about ships sinking, slave trading, an entire family washed away in a flood, 9/11, Rwandans genocide in '94... I had to stop for a few days, because frankly the darkness was freaking me out. I wondered if it was done by a religious cult or something? I just do not gravitate to things this dark.   I was taught to stay away from dark thoughts, and things that took you in that direction or made you`uncomfortable' in that way. This was Not an easy read. He quotes alot of people, often in the same story, you are never sure when you are`in' or have left a quote.  Often he quotes so many you can't keep track. You lose sight of what the point is. I flipped to the back and saw that he is founder/director of Eternal Perspective Ministries. I am unclear what that is.  He goes out side of the bible in his interpretations, that makes me very uncomfortable.  I was taught the bible stands as is,be careful `explaining' God's Word. Whatever they said is what they meant. Here he adds quite alot of `interpreting'. At the beginning of each story is a passage scripture and at the end of each story he writes   thoughtful interesting prayers.
   I believe what the author was trying to say is that struggle is part of a soul's journey-not that you are unlucky or cursed.  The hardest part of my life are the tragedies, my particular journey has had many they began very early.  I truly *understand* suffering*. I see thru it,in it, past it. I know the other side.  Each persons life will have some kind of suffering as a`life lesson',  how they react to it... will change the direction of their life.  God  has already bestowed gifts to you...trials,life lessons brings them out.  My Problem-this book should not be titled so largely as a book "reflecting on God's goodness the good things he brings to you daily".  He gives evidence thru scripture that God is always working for "those who love Him and are called to His purpose-not our purposeHis way not our way". I feel like the author is saying that God disciplines those He loves and puts us thru trials but He is right there with us?Then he appears to write `over my head'  theologically, so I had to use a dictionary for a good part, I went to catholic school, church,then Lutheran church and bible study , was sunday school superindent for 5yrs, developed detailed class plans-after having bible lessons with pastor anad staff weekly. I am not exactly dumb-if I am using a dictionary for a leisurly book? not good I do not enjoy an author `writing over my head'.   Page 137 he talks about his "body growing weak,low blood sugar clouds his judgement leaves me with a memoory of having said stupid thing like a drunkin man".   On pg 277 he speaks of having depression for several months.
I send care packages to friends recovering illness, this would NOT be a comfort. This would be a shock!  This moves too far outside comfort. There were some individual stories I really enjoyed, that made me think or moved me, too few to make me buy the book or give as a gift.
  I have had it read for months now and simply what to submit for review: I had 2 review sitting in my `save now' waiting for my better judgement to rule. 1 skirting the basics telling you bla bla what every reviewer says about any book, Except me. I have to say what I read and I honesty mean.  So that's what I finally submit. I regret I will jnot be passing this on to any friends. But I will have it avail for anyone thru my blog submit your name and why and you will be the drawing date not set until a few names.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kelee & Design Gives Back

Meet truly lovely Design Angels. With an Important Mission.Please
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Host and Founder: Interior design expert Kelee Katillac has spent over twenty years transforming homes and lives. She is a leader in holistic design. Katillac has been a guest on CNN, The OprahWinfrey Show, The Discovery Channel, Pure Oxygen, The Family Network and many others. Katillac's work has been featured in the pages of USA Today, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, Designer Builder, Country Home, Body & Soul, The Utne Reader and hundreds of other publications worldwide. In addition, she is the author of two award-winning books including House of Belief: Creating Your Personal Style and Kids' Rooms for Believing & Belonging. Katillac founded Design Gives Back to help those in-need -- or critically ill -- to have furnished, functional, and hope-filled homes. She has been the national director for Habitat for Humanity's House of Belief DIY Workshop Series, and is currently the Inspired Home Expert for Guideposts: America's #1 Inspirational Magazine.
"The remarkable story of a woman who says your home should be more than a place that stores your things...but a place where your child feels loved and supported, and a place that reflects who they are and who they want to be.”... Kelee Katillac... House of Belief... its beautiful." Oprah Winfrey
Project Development:Sherry Mirador co-produces non-profit events, fundraisers and cause-related campaigns. She has worked with Magic Johnson, Clay Johnson, Flex Alexander, Columbus Short, Brian White, and others. As a talented designer, Sherry's work is award-winning. She outreaches to help others in the community through creative workshops. Soon to complete her MPA, her business skills combined with her creativity, and caring personality, make her a true asset.
   These are such wonderful people gifted with talents are not only kind and loving but TEACH kindness and better love to others. Kelee helps in a  holistic way to help create a space of healing
...dreaming..full of the colors to spur the creative and curative process.  Like the colors of the rainbow, the full colors of the chakra,  Kelee uses Color in the rooms in magical ways to transform it and energize and uplift.  It is a must see. Her heart & touch comes through even on this tiny screen, trust
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