Monday, May 30, 2011

90 days of God's Goodness

.Ninety Days of God's Goodness - Randy Alcorn This is not easy to read, all about suffering, darkness, loss. persecution, death, sickness. Well put together with theology but reaches beyond not easy reading..
This is Not simple to read,It is very complex...Ripout rip your hair,hard to understand.
I will detail this .....more to come
I am presently reading this book for review and I have a brand new copy that I would like to giveaway....I would like to get followers to sign up and when I post my review I will write the names of the followers and see what Chip can do to choose since he delights in paper.
 If you'd like this let me know. I am very generous. I  Hope to do giveaways more often so please let friends
know and  get as many followers to sign up. Thanks


  1. I have never read his books I've heard about him. He seems to have a LOT Of books out? that kinda freaks me out?

  2. I agree,asked friends & for a guy with so many books no one has read him.