Saturday, April 16, 2011

books on order and arrived

Sat April 16 2011
Books ordered from  and
 I thought I would see how long each takes to arrive. Then the reading begins. What fun. We have to find something for Chip so I will look thru my book case and choose him a book.
Booksneeze arrived promptly on  Thursday April 21, complete with nice invoice  explaining everything and thanking for services and saying if any issues let them know.
very classy.

waterbrookmultnomah  sent an really detailed lovely e-mail saying the book was q-ued to ship  and would be here in 7-10 days but did no arrive for 2 weeks?  oh well they say the faster I get done the faster I can get the next book and in the mix for big prizes  haha
I  can tell you I will not ever be in that mix I have seen the ones with those numbers.
 It is a Christian site But, I was sent an  Email that they had some...`not appropriate' or `self tampering' voting-that made the same people wim  over and over? Hmm .. SO, they just redid the judging system because of some flaw in the voting. yep... not to hard to see why.. the same handful keep winning over and over and over and their numbers are 90 times more than  humanly possible ??  oh well. I actually read the entire book-even when I would rather rip my hair out strand by strand as with one of the books I am reading now..BUT I am still reading `EVERY' single page
thinking MAYBE something will happen to change the writing..I am even taking notes-looking for something good in it...(even tho If I had a knife I might rather slash my wrists)....BUT I am still reading it....until the end..thankfull I am ..almost....done   auughhh... :>)

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