Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Little Prayer Of Mine

 This Little Prayer Of Mine  by Anthony DeStefano  Illustrations by Mark Elliot
The 1st thing I noticed was the size of this charming book a perfectly square 8 1/2x 8 1/2  making it, I believe, easy to hold for even the most wee little reader. As you open the book the story begins with a young boy and small girl kneeling, praying bedside with their backs to us, with mom quietly peering in and listening  at the door.    
                                             "I know you're up in heaven,God,
                                               and can hear my voice from there.
~~We turn the  page                    
                                                     "I'm just a little child.
                                                Will you answer my short prayer"
The illustration for those two lines covers both pages, in the very same bedroom with same two children-the picture is just turned around so we see them now from the front.  The room has a much cozier feel because see each child's face, sweet little girl with pig tails, the boy looking at her, both in fuzzy sleepers, kneeling, hands in prayer, elbows on the bed, adorable silly teddy bear, along with toys, baseball, rocket, airplane, scattered on the top of the bed spread.   The room also has a big window on the left side of the bed just a few inches from headboard,  showing a dark night sky with a hazy full moon.

The illustrations are what make the story really come to life, soft muted tones almost like watercolors. What is wonderful as the child's prayer continues in a slow rhyme, the illustrations just take you `there'. From a cute puppy tearing apart a doll to showing the boy struggling to make the right choice about going to circus or to school? Many pages with small children from diverse backgrounds blend  in, giving a multicultural touch, but not in your face.  It addresses almost every race thru,the pictures of the children. It even has a group of kids huddled together playing a hand held Nintendo. This was pointed out to me by my 12 yr old son who I asked to read the book with me so I could see what he thought of it at his age level. He enjoyed it, and found the pictures and the rhyming enjoyable, keeping even him interested. The illustrations give the book the ability to up the age level of readers.
The prayer itself is sweet, it shows a child `talking' to God -Thanking God-making promises to God, telling God his troubles, tells God he is scared, lonely, asking God for signs ....
toward the end the boys says :
     `But when I trust in, my God and in your plan for me ,
    I know there's nothing in the world that I can't do or be.'
It is clear he is growing thru this and this prayer has a beautiful learning curve through out.
I liked this book. I think every child would be able to relate to the child in this book. I think every child can make this prayer their own. I totally recommend this book. It is charming  sweet book to share and, talk about. Everyone will enjoy the illustrations.

This book was provided for review by Waterbrook Multomah Publishing.

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  1. Sounds cute, picture looks sweet-I trust your
    judgement & love your writing, so we will purchase this for the friendship groups.
    I love that you will be reviewing christian books-lovely idea!! I will pass this along
    ]to the church group. what fun
    thanks so much ((hugs))

  2. Only you could find such cool things to say
    thats why we love your stories, you can tell it better... hooha

  3. what a nice book. I am glad they still good ol bedtime books.

  4. thanks so much for your comments-now I have to figure out how to get people to sign up as followers & vote for my reviews at where ever they are posted..because I gain points. but I am not quite that savy, I really just read my books honesty & do an honest review, So I am not into the cat & mouse games. But it would be nice to get a few votes or I will feel like a dud. but I will let the cards fall as they fall for now. I can barely get the books posted :>)
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