Friday, June 3, 2011

welcome Tyndale publishers


                                                 ~INSIDE THREAT~
This is the 1st book from Tyndale Publishers, I was just contacted by them so I am delighted to be on board. This is not at all my type of book but it was all I could access. So I 
figured what the heck, lets give it a whirl. A bit scary. It says things like - Terrorists at  National Cathedral?? auughh
     ~~~Zoowieee~~ Not sure when it will be sent out.  stay posted. if interested in a copy of it leave a comment
 because when the review is submitted I will have a free book as a giveaway.  {bunny hugs}or you know what will happen? Chocolate Chip the bunny will  get at that book ...
                                               nom mom mom  nom


  1. Is this like a murder mystery? Tyndale is a good publisher. I do like mysteries. A nice romance included is good, but mysteries are good in and of themselves. I've come to read a variety of things when I take time to read. Don't do as much as I used to.

  2. How can I describe this? A state funeral at the Natl Cathedral, homegrown terrorists take members of congress & their entourages hostage the main guy in the book Riley Covington/a linebaker returning to play after 2 seasons away, he rushes to the site to rescue a woman he cares about Khadi Faroughi. But his ex boss counterterrorsim bos Scott Ross wants him no where near. Only Riley has a plan. spy thriller interested? it's yours